Who can participate in CarsOnNet auctions?


CarsOnNet auctions can take part in: 

  1. Car traders - our offer is primarily addressed to these companies. - Commercial law companies. 
  2. Smaller companies (sole trader). 
  3. Companies from other industries. 
  4. Commercial law companies, whose activity does not include car trading, can also use our auctions. 
  5. Other small companies whose business does not involve car trading. Here, the acceptance of additional conditions is required, which are specified when registering a new user. 
  6. Individual customers - it is possible for CON to complete the car purchase on behalf of the customer. - Please contact us for specific information. 

You do not have a free account yet? Register here https://carsonnet.com/en/register/. Conditions for account activation are : - Holding the current EU VAT number - check here: https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/ - Attaching a copy of the company's documents, informing about its business profile. - Attaching a copy of the identity card of the company owner. In case of any questions, please contact our Customer Service Office. E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +48 767434006