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  • The cars that come to our auction platform come from proven sources. That's first of all:
    • post leasing cars,
    • models used for rent,
    • cars from company fleets as well as those previously owned by state institutions.
  • This means that you can buy them at a great price and be sure of their technical condition and legality.
  • Car auctions
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  • companies and more
  • The CarsOnNet platform is open to clients from every industry. They join our auctions:
    • dealers of used cars on the European market,
    • business customers from various industries - the condition to participate in auctions is to have a European VAT number
    • private customers - we can make a purchase on your behalf.
  • In a nutshell: if you need a good car from a reliable source and at a great price

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Use the search engine and find your dream car

Every day thousands of vehicles are waiting for you at your fingertips.


Make an offer

You take part in the auction, and that means that the winner is the one who offers the highest price for the car. You can use your Auction Assistant to help you bid. There are also "BUY NOW" bids available. - in such case, the seller determines in advance the amount he wants to obtain.


Confirm purchase and make payment

If you and the seller agree to the terms of sale, it is time to confirm the contract and make the payment. You will do it online!


Car delivery

We deliver the car to the address you specify. It's easy and convenient!


Receive the car and documentation

After collecting the car, send us a signed delivery note. In response, we will send you the vehicle documents by courier. Buy cars without restrictions with a partner you can trust. We have over 15 years of experience in the international automotive market. Check us out and bet on safety and reliability!