Wondering how to buy on our platform? Here are the most important things you need to know before you start looking for your dream car.
CarsOnNet™ is available not only to car dealers.
You can buy cars from our auctions both if you are a car trader and if you are running any kind of business.
This sets our platform apart from the competition!
You choose the way you buy
Have you already found the car you want to include in your fleet? Great! Now find out how our auctions work.
Find out the auction types used at CarsOnNet™!
Dynamic auctions
Here the standard rules of the game apply - anyone can join the auction. You see the bids that other participants have already made. You place your own. The auction ends at the end of the specified time.
If your offer is the highest, it goes to the seller. He finally accepts the transaction. You will receive information about whether your purchase has been confirmed within a few days at most after the auction ends!
Buy now
If you see the "Buy Now" price given in the auction, you can purchase the vehicle immediately - simply agree to the 'Buy Now' price listed by the seller.
Blind auctions
Everyone can join the auction, but it is not possible to see how much others have bid. The auction ends after the indicated time.
The highest bid goes to the seller who decides on the approval of the transaction.
Target/expected price
This is a hint from the seller about the price of the car. If your bid exceeds this amount and at the same time is the highest at the end of the auction, the chance of assigning the vehicle - permission to sell it - is much higher.

Additional auction designations are important
When looking at auctions, also look out for signs that provide additional facilities for buyers.
When auctions marked in this way end, additional time will be activated during which you can outbid the highest bid. This is protection against "auction snipers".
and a chance for you not to let go of a really good opportunity.The extra time will start automatically or at a specified time.
Price list of CarsOnNet™
Find out about the detailed terms of cooperation - check the auction fee tables. The price list for transport services is set individually.

CarsOnNet fee (Euro netto)

Icon Auction fee
Car price
3001 - 7000
7001 - 12000
12001 - 20000
Auction fee
Additional information
The fee depends on the amount of the auctioned vehicle
Icon Administrative fee
Fixed fee