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CarsOnNet - The modern online auction service for second-hand cars from all over Europe

We provide access to a wide range of second-hand cars, including the most reputable makes and models of cars at attractive prices. We guarantee the legal origin and good technical condition of the vehicles in our online auctions. Hundreds of auctions are held every day on our site according to transparent and fair rules. If you are looking for a second-hand car at a good price, we are sure you will find it here!

Wide choice

Our car auctions offer access to a huge range of vehicles from all over Europe. CarsOnNet auctions cars from many different makes and models, countries of origin, body types, engines, mileage and many other parameters, every day. Our search engine allows you to quickly find the right type of car for you and select the type of auction you are interested in.

Transparent rules

Our primary concern is the comfort, safety and satisfaction of our customers. All online car auctions on CarsOnNet follow strictly defined transparent rules. Cars are auctioned in several types of auctions:

  • Standard Auction (dynamic) - Bidding according to standard rules. Participants place their bid and have a full view of their competitors' bids. The auction ends at the end of the specified period. The highest bid wins and, once accepted by the seller, ends the transaction.
  • Buy now - the seller sets the price in advance. The buyer, by accepting it, immediately reserves the car.
  • Standard auction + buy now - The owner states the price at which the car can be reserved immediately, but auction participants can bid below (the highest of the proposed amounts after a period of time is offered to the seller).
  • Hidden auction - does not offer the possibility to view the bidding amount proposed by other users. The auction ends at the end of the indicated time. The highest bid is passed on to the seller, who decides whether to approve it.
  • Target - A variant of the auction in which the seller sets a target price. If the winning bidder exceeds this amount, it significantly increases the chance of the owner accepting the sale.

All information relating to the rules and conditions for entering online auctions, returns, complaints, collection rules, fees, etc. is set out in our terms and conditions. We ask everyone interested in the car auctions taking place on CarsOnNet to read them carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our FAQ section or contact our Customer Service Team who will provide you with all the answers you need.

Quality assurance

All cars auctioned online on CarsOnNet come from legal and verified sources. The used vehicles offered for auction are supplied by, among others, reputable dealers, leasing companies or car rental companies. They have full technical documentation and, in most cases, independent expert opinions.

Convenient and safe collection

Cars purchased in online auctions can be collected at our car parks located in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland. In addition to personal collection, it is also possible for our company to transport the purchased car. We can organise delivery to a specified address along with full vehicle documentation.

Why us?

CarsOnNet is a modern and secure auction service working only with reliable car companies and dealers. For more than 15 years we have been active on the automotive market, offering our customers used cars of the highest quality. We organise auctions of thousands of cars from all over Europe according to clear rules, punctuality of the transactions, full documentation of the sold vehicles, safe place of pick-up, as well as additional services for our customers (pick-up and transport of the car to the indicated address, possibility to buy the car on behalf of an individual customer).

Registration and account maintenance are completely free of charge with us, and fees are only charged to the vehicle purchased according to the current price list, which can be found on our website.

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